Doug Thompson General Contracting Ltd believes in environmentally friendly workplaces and waste removal.
Let us finish your renovation with ceramic tiles, drywall and interior doors, or hardwood flooring.
We can service your custom, residential or commercial renovation needs.

Exterior Support

Exteriors are as important as interiors:

  •    Roofing
  •    Solar Panels
  •    Window Installation
  •    Exterior Doors
  •    Decks

Interior Renovation

We offer these services to beautify your interiors:

  •    Bathroom Renovations
  •    New Bathrooms
  •    Custom Ceramic Tiles
  •    Drywall and Interior Doors
  •    Finished Basements
  •    Hardwood Flooring
  •    Kitchen Renovations
  •    Plumbing


Our Services

Doug Thompson Contracting Ltd builds new construction, but construction and renovation go hand in hand. We will make a job fit seamlessly into an existing structure or onto a new building site. We do complete home and office renovations to our customers’ exact needs, providing every necessary product and service to give the clients the interior or exterior look they want at a reasonable price. Home Renovation Ideas, General Contractor, Custom Home Builders.

We work with our clients’ original ideas or any design concepts they have seen in magazines or on television. We are up-to-date with new products on the market, including energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials and designs.

Our Comprehensive Skillset

We offer these services:

  •    Custom Homes
  •    Residential Renovation
  •    Renovations on Century Homes
  •    Garages
  •    Load Bearing Wall Removal
  •    Demolition
  •    Grading and Drainage
  •    Tell us about your unique needs

Custom Workmanship

Since our founding in 1988, we have built a reputation for excellence by delivering custom craftsmanship, high-quality work and outstanding service. Our mission is to let every client know we care about them by giving them not only original designs but also executing them with the highest-quality attention to detail possible. We design and build new homes, garages and additions, and specialize in custom kitchens and baths. We welcome all projects, large and small. Our custom finishing work done by our expert carpenters will give you rooms that are distinctively yours down to the mouldings and tile work.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to using environmentally friendly construction glue, insulating foam and roofing shingles, we use BluWood framing lumber, roof trusses and sheathing panels that resist mould, mildew, rot and termites. BluWood gets its name from the colour of an innovative film applied in the factory, without the highly toxic chemicals once used. The treatment draws out raw lumber’s existing moisture and then seals the wood’s subsurface to repel water and pests during and long after construction. BluWood is on GreenSpec Directory’s list of 2000 environmentally preferable building products at

We work to be good to the environment and our customers by installing energy-efficient windows and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that best fit your current budget and save you money in future energy costs. We have the experience to install solar panels in your new construction or renovations for even more energy savings, if that is your goal.

Ask us about our eco practices. In the ecological philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle, we will reuse and rework your existing materials into your renovation project as much as possible.

Emergency Services

The weather does not always cooperate and sometimes damage caused by other circumstances leaves you stunned and confused. Often these calamities happen at the most inopportune times and can wreak havoc on our lives and property. If this happens to you, you can be assured that we will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently and not charge you an arm and a leg. We will work with you and your insurance company to quickly repair and restore your property.




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